Electric airplanes applying automobile technology (e-Bird)&AZAPA’s challenge to sustain and develop the economic system

In the early stage of the economy, the deployment of transportation networks such as roads and railways that require large-scale investment is more likely to be delayed, which may result in the failure of community to connect the regions. Regional disparities may occur and economic activities are limited to a narrow range. AZAPA wants to break through this situation through our high-level technologies and outstanding creative insight. As a first step, if we can build a “material exchange system” by air, we will be able to raise the economy to some extent. It is an idea of innovability that leads the growth with the region without large-scale investment.

In order to realize the material transportation with a cruising range of 300km, it is necessary to consider the payload. How can the cruising range be increase? In response to this question, we offer the system combining hydrogen fuel cell and lightweight high output motor. We will design a system optimal for material transportation, which is equipped with technologies such as for maximization of the lift generated by the main wing, the greatest merit of the flying object, that may lead the elimination of the need for a runaway by compensating the power of main wing engine by STOL