About the establishment of Automotive Blockchain Consortium for the creation of new mobility services

Kaula Inc. (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Representative Director & CEO: Katsuji Okamoto. Hereinafter referred to as “Kaula.”) and AZAPA Co., Ltd. (HQ: Nagoya-City, Aichi. President & CEO: Yasuhiro Kondo. Hereinafter referred to as “AZAPA.”) establish the Automotive Blockchain Consortium (hereinafter referred to as “ABCC”) with the aim of creating a platform for producing new services in line with the advancement of IoT in the automotive and mobility fields.

Innovation based on digitalization and diffusion of IT, represented by digital transformation, has become a global trend. This trend has a different approach from what the traditional Japanese manufacturing industry has been working on. Manufacturing that Japan has been adept at has contributed to the high reliability and durability of hardware, but it has been delayed to transform it into services, despite the increase in the value of services that use them.

To create a new service, we need to build an environment for acquiring data, a data distribution system and a data distribution platform. Technological attention is focused on a two-way flexible ecosystem for acquiring data required from the service side, and blockchain technology that guarantees the authenticity and non-falsification of data in order to handle data distribution as a business. In particular, the automobile / mobility industry has changed its business form from “ownership” to “service”, and there are many opportunities to cause major changes including improving service quality and responding to the sharing economy. It is said that there are 5 to 10 times as large market as for the conventional manufacturing industry.

Based on this situation, by providing the environment (platform) where blockchain is utilized as a collaborative area to companies who understand the technology environment (IoT, big data, AI / deep learning, blockchain, etc.) with high awareness of issues and startup companies with a sense of speed, we will support the cooperation between the participating companies as well as the establishment of an ecosystem through the consortium, and will quickly create services and accelerate innovation. We also aim to expand this to other business fields as a role model of IoT utilization in the future.

Kaula works with blockchain leading companies and organizations around the world to deploy blockchain application construction consulting, record management, service development in the IoT field, and blockchain education business. Kaula aims to become a blockchain platformer in the non-financial field.

AZAPA responds flexibly to the various paradigm shifts the automobile and mobility fields are facing, and is working with partners to create new values. Through this consortium, we are challenging the limits of value creation with new partners.

Consortium Outline
Organization Name: Automotive Blockchain Consortium
Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
Establishment: August 1, 2018
Representative Director: Yasuhiro Kondo (President & CEO of AZAPA Co., Ltd.)
Activity Summary: Verification and evaluation of common basic technologies related to blockchain. Realization of educational environment considering application of blockchain technology. Provision of a base platform that integrates IoT and blockchain. Promotion of standardization in the fields of automobiles and mobility.

Yukiyasu Nobata, CIO, Kaula Inc
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Business Planning Division, AZAPA Co., Ltd.