Achieving a world where everyone can choose the future through innovation beyond the limits


To maintain and grow the economy with open innovations from Japan

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Japan is one of the richest countries in the world. And it can be said that inheriting richness to the future is among our very important roles. Currently, developed countries are looking for short-term growth with the declining domestic demand in the background and are concentrating global strategies in emerging markets. While the economic impact on emerging countries caused from the competition between developed countries is extremely large, impoverished population around the world (Base of the Pyramid) is increasingly separated from the economic system and is being left behind. In this economic environment, AZAPA is thinking about “What should Japan be?” and aiming to drive Japan’s industrial growth by providing advanced technologies, as well as to lead to the creation of new economic markets for increase in economic options through innovability. To achieve these goals, we will create an environment that supports the early stages of the BOP economy in order to create continuous innovation through “high-level technologies and outstanding creative insight.” We firmly believe that this challenge is the solution to inherit sustainable “peace and richness.” As the olive seeding is obtained by cross-breeding, we will realize the “co-creation” across people, religions and countries through AZAPA DNA as a symbol to contribute toward the betterment of society together with you.

President & CEO Yasuhiro Kondo

CEO Message

Thoughts behind the company logo


Build a peaceful and equitable society for all


Integrate different fields and technologies to co-create innovative technologies


Create new values for human growth to increase options in the world


AZAPA’s sustainable strategy = Three priority areas to sustain the economy

“Innovability” is a coined word for innovation and sustainability and refers to our belief that innovation-based human growth is an indispensable prerequisite for global sustainability. We think it critical not only to focus on advancement for developed countries, but also to give BOP (= Base of the Pyramid) opportunities to grow. We aim to build an ecosystem to make the whole world better through an altruistic spirit, and realize both innovation and sustainability at the same time. AZAPA makes it our goal to realize a sustainable world that enriches humanity through technologies, focusing on the three priority areas including mobility, communication and energy, under the vision of “Achieving a world where everyone can choose the future through innovation beyond the limits.” We regard BOP broadly not only as a poor group but also as margins of industrial cluster and economic activities and services, and think that expanding growth for them through continuous innovation that exceeds the limits may lead to sustainability. In the future, we would like to support step-by-step growth by applying reduction of cutting-edge technologies and non-linear growth by examining the effectiveness of innovation in least developed countries, which are said to account for 72% of the world’s population, to build an early stage of the economy for them. At the present stage, focusing on product development that leads to disruptive innovation centered on providing direct values to consumers, we offer cutting-edge technologies such as value design process in superordinate concept design and technology fusion by smart community, for each layer of the automotive industry, which is becoming more competitive with dependence on the global market and a series-oriented vertical integration model.


AZAPA’s mission is to contribute to the affluence of society (= a world where everyone can choose the future) through the power of innovation. We have signed the UN Global Compact and have pledged to work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).