AZAPA is looking for those who can embody our philosophy with advanced expertise to realize the innovation beyond the limits.


We want to be a group of “MAGICIAN”
that has the will to challenge the limits
and realizes creation of unprecedented value by system control.

AZAPA is not just a group of engineers. We want to be like “MAGICIAN”, who challenges the limits and derives unexplored values from another dimension.

We think the position of “Hero” in the brand theory is suitable for our co-creation partners. We stay “unconstrained” to make “Hero” more shining.

Now, our society is approaching a period of greatest transformation, going to be shaken from the ground up. I’m filled with a sense of crisis. If we leave it as it is, maybe the generation of our child could survive somehow with the past heritage, but the generation of our grandchild won’t be able to do anything. We need to create new values now.

There are many people in Japan who have such a sense of crisis. We at AZAPA hope to be one of groups of those people, and will work with such people. Please join AZAPA if you also have the spirit to create new values to create the future.

President and CEO Yasuhiro Kondo

Sensitivity researcher

Project construction to measure, visualize, and guide human sensitivity and emotion.

Job description

Project construction to measure, visualize, and guide human sensitivity and emotion.


  • Define the requirements together with clients / partners such as housing manufacturer and automobile manufacturer.
  • Build new solutions to utilize in-house technology assets, ensure security, and enhance space comfort.
  • Manage projects from development to delivery.


One of experiences shown below:
  • Project management with PDCA process requiring the ability to take action with the consideration about a few steps ahead
  • Project management requiring persistent negotiations and coordination with relevant parties
  • Deep insight into the smart home market and (home appliance) manufacturing market
  • Work experience at a startup company
  • Sales experience at a systems integrator
  • Global communication skills (business conversation in English)
【Ideal candidate profile】
  • Person with ability to think logically about and approach to unprecedented new development
  • Person who is able to clarify the purpose and issues and solve them completely

Work location:Tokyo office