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To come to support the medium- to long-term strategies of partner companies


Speedy process to enhance the value of products based on model-based technology

Function and performance design solutions

Co-creation from concept design at the top of development

Design concept based on market analysis, conduct performance analysis by simulation using model-based technology, and define product target specification.

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  • Value concept design in autonomous driving
    For Ricoh Chuo Laboratory
    • Utilizing Ricoh’s stereo camera-based sensing technology, AZAPA planned and designed a concept of an autonomous driving vehicle that does not rely solely on GPS / LIDAR and is close to actual operation.
    • Provided control algorithms for automated driving, and conducted a public road demonstration experiment with Ricoh in Semboku-City, Akita at the end of 2017.
  • Model Market Place
    In-house developed tools
    • Simulation environment construction platform for concept value analysis provided by AZAPA, a leading company in model distribution.
    • Distributes and shares simulation models widely both inside and outside the company, enabling efficient model PoC (Proof of Concept) execution.
  • Energy performance analysis of electric vehicles
    For Panasonic Automotive
    • AZAPA constructed a simulation environment where power consumption and other major performances at the vehicle system level can be analyzed for Panasonic’s electric powertrain.
    • Visualized the influence of the structure and characteristic changes of the powertrain system on vehicle fuel efficiency, and derived system specifications that maximize electric mileage.
Control optimization solution 

Realization of high-dimensional control and high efficiency for development in all system areas

AZAPA’s innovative high-dimensional control provides optimal performance of the entire system.
AZAPA proposes optimal design and system evaluation such as system control and optimal energy distribution that affect human sensitivity.

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  • XEV integrated control development
    For OEM and supplier companies in Japan
    • AZAPA provides state-of-the-art control technology for all systems, regardless of the type of electric powertrain and drive system such as HEV, BEV, and FCV.
    • Contributes to high efficiency by combining energy and heat management and driving performance at a high level and converting it into a highly reusable design asset.
    In-house developed Next ECU
    • AZAPA original ECU developed to implement next-generation key technologies such as automatic driving, sensitivity control, and AI control.。
    • AZAPA’s new control API will be implemented to maximize the value of products and services for clients.
  • Vehicle integrated HIL construction
    For OEM companies in Japan
    • As the importance of system evaluation by HIL increases, AZAPA constructs a new HIL system from scratch starting with selecting the optimal board.
    • Provides high-efficient turnkey total solutions from plant model development, test design, and test automation for HIL.
Measurement calibration solutions 

Technology development comparable to European companies

Through the latest chassis dynamo equipment owned by AZAPA as well as the facilities of Research Institute on Automotive Model Based Control, a joint project with Waseda University, AZAPA converts a new mechanism based on advanced system performance analysis into a model to support the improvement of virtual calibration technology and achievement of system performance targets.

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  • SHEV energy management measurement
    Joint research with Waseda University
    • Series-HEV system attracts attention in recent years. AZAPA measured and analyzed energy flow and system performance under each operating condition of HEV configuration system.
    • Developed a performance model jointly with Waseda University, to utilize for the optimal design of energy management. It will be distributed through model marketplace.
  • Transmission adaptation
    For OEM companies in Japan
    • In the advanced development of a new mechanism transmission, AZAPA conducts performance adaptation centering on drivability by using chassis dynamo.
    • Constant adjustment and control logic improvement will be performed while considering trade-off performance optimization such as shift time and shock.
  • Construction of a three-way catalyst model at cold start
    Joint research with Waseda University
    • Analyzed reaction coefficients and catalyst characteristics from reactor tests and developed a 1D three-way catalytic reaction model.
    • Derived the reduction rate identification during cold start from measurement of chassis dynamometer vehicle exhaust gas, and developed the model that could be used for optimal design of catalyst structure and characteristics.
Commercialization / PB solution

To give a shape to an unprecedented value

In response to rapid changes in consumer preferences, AZAPA offers speedy product prototyping and commercialization solutions including development of private brands based on deep market insights and system design thinking.

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  • LSEV – Light Sports Electric Vehicle
    Prototype of concept EV made in-house
    • Planned under the concept of EV generated from the fusion of control technology and IT technology.
    • In use for various research and development purposes as a platform for demonstrating the cooperation and fusion of CoT technology areas including automation control and Beyond CoT technology.
  • Drive Robot
    For OEM companies in Japan
    • In the mode running test using the chassis dynamo, the driver’s pedal operation and shift operation are simulated and executed automatically with this robot.
    • Taking advantage of the accumulation of control technology development in vehicle development, we made it on sale with higher accuracy and superior cost optimization for testing, compared conventional robots of the same type.
  • Sensibility control diffuser
    For healthcare product manufacturing companies in Japan
    • AZAPA’s sensibility control solution possesses mental mapping technology that visualizes human emotions evident from brain measurement.
    • Olfactory stimulation has been scientifically proven to be an effective means to control the visualized emotions, . AZAPA has developed a diffuser that controls sensitivity together with a healthcare product manufacturer.

The “technology with AZAPA” logo is applied when products are developed using data, software, design information, intellectual property, etc. obtained and patented through technology development and research by AZAPA (AZAPA assets). For products with this logo, AZAPA guarantees the quality of technology on which products depend.


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